» Can power yoga help us for weight loss?

Power yoga is considered to be one of the best workout for weight loss because of the fact that it combines the body structure benefit of yoga as well as the high physical energy that is required to burn the excess calories in the body. Just like any form of yoga though, hatha yoga for weight loss, hot yoga for weight loss and power yoga for weight loss all depend significantly on making sure that you perform the posture properly. As a result, taking the help of a well trained yoga instructor is likely to be of great benefit. It is also imperative to use the spiritual and mental side of yoga when attempting to lose weight.

Power yoga is considered one of the most beneficial forms of yoga to lose weight. With one hour of power yoga the calories burned could go up to 300 and therefore this is one of the most useful tips for weight loss. Power yoga for weight loss is another type of yoga that is well known among people. One hour class of this yoga burns around 100 calories. However, weight loss with this type of yoga is only possible if you take at least one class a day.

» Yoga Teacher Training course Kaya kalp, Mohali

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This Yoga course is designed to immerse students in the and spiritual teachings and practices of traditional Hatha yoga – focusing on Shatkarma, Asna, Pranayama, Meditation techniques, Yogic Anatomy and Ashtanga Yoga philosophy to help you live a less stressful, contented and harmonious daily life.

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» Actual Method of taking Triphala According to Ayurveda

To get optimum health benefit; One must consume this herbal powder by mixing with ingredients as stated below according to season :

1. Mid January to Mid March (In winter season) :–

Mix Triphala Churna with one sixth (1/6) amount of Long pepper powder (Piper longum, Pippali).

2. Mid March to Mid May (In spring season) :–

Mix Triphala Churna with one sixth (1/6) amount of honey and lick this paste.

3. Mid May to Mid July (In summer season) :-

Mix Triphala Churna with one sixth (1/6) amount of jiggery.

4. Mid July to Mid September (In rainy season) :-

Mix Triphala Churna with one sixth (1/6) amount of rock salt.

5. Mid September to Mid November (In the autumn season) :-

Mix Triphala Churna with one sixth (1/6) amount of sugar.

6. Mid November to Mid January (In hemant season) :-

Mix Triphala Churna with one sixth (1/6) amount of dry ginger powder.

Benefits from triphala :

» 1 Year of Usage : Agile Body
» 2 Years of Usage : Freedom from all Disease.
» 3 Years of Usage : Improves eyesight rapidly.
» 4 Years of Usage : Increases beauty of Face and body.
» 5 Years of Usage : Makes your brain Sharp & Increase Intelligence.
» 6 Years of Usage : substantial increase in body strength.
» 7 Years of Usage : White hair turns into black again.
» 8 Years of Usage : makes you youth from old age.
» 9 Years of Usage : Improves eyesight you can even see smaller objects without lens.
» 10 years of Usage : makes your voice sweet and mellow.
» And after eleven and twelfth year gets healthy body without any diseases.

Special Advice :

1. Use triphala powder as proportion to age, as given above.
2. Avoid oily, spicy, salty and fast food while using this remedy.
3. Eat more green vegetables, pulses and fruits.
4. Don’t eat anything one hour after taking this remedy.

» Yagya therapy (The key to holistic health)

What is Yagya?

Yagya is a big combination of rituals widely performed in vedic era by everyone as a duty towards the nature, for prevention of evil planetary influences as well as to has a successful and blissful spiritual life. Yagya is the process of refinement of subtle energy existing in the matter within. Yagya is in fact a combination of rituals recommended by Vedas and vedic Scriptures. Yagya is a promising nide of healing and enhancing vital spiritual energy and vigor of mind body system.

Scientific aspects of Yagya

There are two basic energy systems in the physical worlds Heat and sound. In the process of Yagya those who energies- from fire and chanting of mantras to combine to achieve the desires. Yagya is aimed at the finest utilization of the subtle properties of the matter (used in yagya) with the help of the thermal energy of the fire and the sonic vibration of the vedic mantras. The invocation of gods through the medium of Yagya, the chanting of mantras, purity of feeling, the decision, determination and discipline required performing the Yagya, all put together have a tremendous power that can generate a mass of blazing energy which can easily burn the impurities of our lower nature as well as transmute them into virtues.

Yagya as a therapy

Yagya therapy is an ethno-botanical inhalation therapy derived from the ancient medical science of india. The multiple benefits of Yagya include purification of atmospheric environment and healthy fertilization of soi.

Yagya therapy as the most effective and the fastest therapy. It is a well known fact that the substances when taken in gaseous form through nostrials have much greater efficiency. Yagya magnifies the advantage of medicinal components of plants and other healthy nutritional substances. Yagya therapy is also by providing physical, mental & spiritual health it gave the holistic health to the human being.

Components of Yagya therapy :

» Timings
» Mantras
» Samidha
» Hawan kund
» Samagri

Timings :-

yagya should performed during sunrise and sunset.

Mantras :-

mantras pay a vital role in Yagya therapy. Mantras are helpful in achieving the desired physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. Proper pronunciations of mantras create a special vibration in the environment as well as in the subtle counter of the.

These mantras are used for the treatment of different disease :-

Gaytri mantra :-

Om bhoor bhuvah swaha tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yonah prachodyat.

Mahamritunjay mantra :-

Om trayam bakam yaja mahe sughadhinam pustivardhnam urvarukmive bandhnaan mratyor muksia mamrtaat.

Suurya gaytri mantra :-

om bhoor bhuvah swaha bhaskaraya vidhmahe divakraya dhimhi tanno sooray prachodyat.

Chandra gaytri mantra :-

om bhoor bhuvah sawaha ksheerputray vidmahe amrit tatvay dhimhi tanno Chandrah prochodyat.

Sarswati gaytri mantra :-

om bhoor bhuvah swaha sarswataya vidmahe brahmputray dhimahi tanno devi prachodyat.

Samidha :-

The principle type of samidhas used in yagya therapy :-
» Sandal wood
» Mango
» Peeple
» Deodar
» Palash
» Gular
» Bargad
» Shami
» Bilva
» Agar and tagar

Hawan kund :-

copper kund like of a shape a inverted pyramid is used. If such kund is not available iron kund is used.

Samagri :-

use special hawan samagri 30gm, common hawan samgiri 10gm with cow’s ghee.

How to perform yagya :-

Firstly sit any meditative poster like sukhasna or padmasna in which your head, neck and back should be erect. Then prepare body and mind for yagya, after that do the shatkarma step by step. Through dedication, we try to absorb the energy present in our surrounding. Then give the 24 aahuties with suryagaytri mantra. Yagya should be in the room of the patient. After the mantras ahuti do the pranayama with divine feeling and absorb the vibration and energy of yagya with help of nostrils and pores of skin.

Different hawan samgiri for disease

» Anidra – insomnia
» Apassmara – epilepsy (Fits)
» Arsha – piles
» Atisar – diarrhea
» Asand – depression
» Bandhaytav – infertility
» Claivyata – impotency
» Dama / swas rog – Asthma
» Garbh pustikar – impregnate
» Hridya rog – cardiac disease
» Jwar swas – kas – fever and common cold
» Karkatarbud – cancer
» Kastartav – dysmenorrheal
» Kshay rog – tuber culosis
» Madhumeha – diabetes
» Manogrisht badhayta – OCD
» Mansik durbalta – mental illness
» Medh rog – obesity
» Netra rog – eye disease
» Oja kshaya – HIV
» Pakshaghat – paralysis
» Prdushan niyantrak – purify environment
» Sandhi vat – arthritis
» Saundraya vardhak – skin care
» Tvacha rog- skin disease
» Ucha rakt chaap – high BP
» Visham jwar – malaria
» Vrik rog – kidney disease
» Yakrut – pliha rog – liver and spleen
» Samanya – common hawan samagiri
» Hormonal imbalance