» Kaya fruit cleansing + full arm wax + half legs wax+threading and upper lips—499/-
» D-Tain cleansing + full arms wax+half legs wax threading and upper lips—-599/-
» Kaya fruit facial + bleach+half leg wax+haircut—699/-
» Kaya insta glow facial + full arm wax + bleach+threading and upper lips—799/-
» Kaya silver facial+full arm wax + manicure+threading and upper lips—899/-
» Kaya pearl whitening facial + full arm wax+half leg wax + threading and upper lips—1099/-
» Kaya gold facial + full arm wax + full leg wax+haircut+ threading and upper lips—1299/-
» Kaya skin filler treatment facial + full arm wax+manicure + threading and upper lips—1399/-