Certified Yoga Trainer

About Yoga Course 200Hours TTC

Affiliated to Yoga Alliance International

Yogic Kayakalp school of yoga offers online 200 hours yoga certificate course under the certification from Yoga Alliance International.

It is an authentic form of training program which makes the students to understand traditional yoga techniques and encourage them to teach holistic concept of yoga in the community this course is for who have desire to learn and practice deeply to
experience the real form of yoga.

This course including various aspects of yoga such as Shatkriya, asana, pranayama, bandhas, mudras, meditation, relaxation etc… Along with practice techniques, theoretical knowledge of yoga philosophy and will be provide from Hath yogaic authentic texts and Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Besides that special focus will be on other subjects like anatomy & physiology of yoga practices, mental health, yoga therapy, application of yoga and Ayurveda to health & wellness and teaching methods.

Yoga is an experiential science for inner wellbeing. We believe in practice: Without practice, no one can experience the utility of Yogic techniques nor can realise of its inherent potential. Only regular practice (sadhana) creates a pattern in body and
mind to uplift them. It requires keen desire on the part of the practitioner to experience the higher states of consciousness through training of body and mind.

Course Criteria

Eligibility: Education qualification- 12th Pass

Age: Between 18 to 55years

Medical Test: Provide the Medical fitness certificate by the Doctor.

Price & Payment: Course fee is Rs 35000/-

Course pattern: Yoga Theory, Yoga practice, Teachings

Language: Hindi and English

Number of theory lectures: 20 Lectures of yoga philosophy and anatomy.

Practical’s session: Yoga practical sessions (Monday to Saturday)

Seats available: 10

Date: Starting 10th july.

Our Teachers

All yoga classes are taught by well- educated accomplished yogis (Masters) that lefts no space for doubts on the teachings when students step forward to teach others. Once the course syllabus is completed students are also given opportunity to teach their classmates in the presence of teacher which brings clarity and self-confidence in their teaching.

Vidya Sagar (Master degree in yoga, Founder)

MA Yoga from haridwar, Diploma in Naturopath &Yoga,Teaching yoga since 2009, 4Times Gold medalist in Punjab State Yoga Championship Focus on traditional Hath Yoga (Kriya, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Relaxation, and Kriya Yoga) Conducting various lectures and workshops on different aspects of (Yoga, Health, Naturopathy) Providing training and guidance to yoga teacher’s in certification courses.

Ms. SK Sodhi(Guest Lecturer)

Diploma in Yoga Education (1981) – Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Lonavla, Pune, India.
EXPERIENCE: 35 Years worked in Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Lonavla, Pune 1982 –2014, as a Yoga Teacher. Conducted around 3000 different Yoga programs in India and abroad covering: Deputed by the Government of India and also invited by different countries to conduct various Yoga programs.

Pragya Devi(Yoga Teacher, Director)

MA from Uttrakhand University, haridwar. Certificate course in holistic Health. 8Years Experience. Her teachings are based on very practical concepts of Yoga which includes purification(Shatkarma), yoga postures, pranayama (breath regulation) meditation, relaxation, Yognidra.

Vishal Goel(Senior yoga teacher)

Yoga certified from national institute of sports, Master degree in physical education, He has an experience of over 11 years teaching yoga, and promotion of Yogic life style. He strongly believes that it is his responsibility to guide and teach the correct way of yoga practice for holistic health.

Dr. Sumit Kumar(Master degree in Yoga, Diploma in Astrology,PhD in Yoga psychology)

He has an experience of over 11 years teaching yoga, and promotion of Indian culture abroad and in India. He has served government on Deputation and represent Yoga in Philipins. His personal experience with Shatkarma and pranayama is very strong and he believe that Hathyoga sadhna always start from body purification. He has also developed the concept of Astro Yoga that helps in balance of 5 elelments.


Subject and topics

  1. Introduction of yoga
    1. Definition of yoga in different Classical Yoga Texts, Introduction to ShadDarshanas (six Indian philosophy)
    2. Introduction to four paths of Yoga (bhakti yoga, karma yoga, gyan yoga, raj yoga)
  2. Introduction of Yogic text ( hatha yoga )
    1. Introduction to Hatha Yoga Texts (Hathapradipika and Gheranda Samhita.)
    2. Concept of Sadhaka and Badhaka Tattwa (Conducive and Non- Conducive Factors)
    3. Purpose and utility of Shat-kriya in Hatha Yoga
    4. Purpose and utility of Asana in Hatha Yoga, Difference between Yoga Asana and Vyayama (Non-Yogic Physical Practices)
    5. Purpose and importance of Pranayama in Hatha Yoga

    Maharishi Patanjali:

    1. Concept of Chitta, Chitta-Vritties and Nirodh (Abhyasa and Vairagya)
    2. Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali: eight limbs of yoga in details. (Yama, Niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharna, dhyan, Samadhi.)
    3. Chitta Vikshepas (Antarayas) and their associates (Sahabhuva)
    4. Kleshas and their significance in Yoga.
  3. Anatomy and physiology of yoga practices:
    1. Basic understanding of all Systems of Human Body and its Functions
    2. Benefits of Various yoga practices on different parts of the human body
    3. Concept of yoga therapy to common ailments and it management. (Stress, hyper tension, insomnia, diabetes, cervical spondylolysis, asthma, obesity, backache, musculoskeletal disorders, etc..
  4. Yoga for Wellness
    1. Concept of health & wellness. Yoga for Prevention and Promotion of Holistic Health, guideline of Healthy-Living, Concept of Pancha kosha.
    2. Concept of health in Ayurveda (tridosha concept) specific yoga practices to different body constitution.
    3. Concept of balance diet and its component (Types, Rasas, seasonal adaptation)
  5. Teaching practice
    1. Principal 0f yogic teachings
    2. Methods of teaching
    3. Guidelines to all yoga practices (kriya, asana, pranayama, meditation, relaxation,)
    4. Guidelines to teacher and class management, lesson plans, how to prepare schedules for different workshops/ lectures

Yoga course practical

Standing pose Sitting pose On back On Abdomen
Vrikshasana(Tree pose) Vakrasana Nauka Asana Bhujangasana
Sideward chakrasana Matsendriya asana Pawana muktasana Dhanursana
Veerbhadrasana Yoga mudra Setubandhasana Salabhsana
Padhastasna Gomukhasana Sarvangasana Parvatasana
Utkatasana Paschimottanasana Halasana Tiryakbhujangasana
Gruddasana Kaputasana Matasyasna Vipreetnaukasana
Natrajasana Padam tolasana Suptavajraasna Chaturngasana
Trikonasana Janusirasana Chakrasana Dandasana
Moordhasana Ushtrasana (camel pose) Markatasana Niralambhasana
Ardhchakrasana Sasanakasana Uttanpadasana Ashatanaganamaskara

Other practices

10 Rounds Suryanamaskara
Pranayama(10 Rounds each) -Anulomaviloms, Suryabhedan, Bhastrika, Sitkari
Shatkarma- Neti, Kapalbhati, Vaman, Trataka
Sitting 15 mins stability in any meditative pose
Mantra chanting