• You are the creater of your own destiny

    » Yoga Teacher Training course Kaya kalp, Mohali Affiliated to Yoga alliance International We invite all yoga trainee and beginners to join the Yoga certificate by YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL (YAI) an organization dedicated to the study of authentic Yoga practices. The World Yoga Federation provides you with an opportunity to showcase your knowledge of Yoga

  • Yagya therapy

    » Yagya therapy (The key to holistic health) What is Yagya? Yagya is a big combination of rituals widely performed in vedic era by everyone as a duty towards the nature, for prevention of evil planetary influences as well as to has a successful and blissful spiritual life. Yagya is the process of refinement of

  • Actual Method of taking triphala

    » Actual Method of taking Triphala According to Ayurveda To get optimum health benefit; One must consume this herbal powder by mixing with ingredients as stated below according to season : 1. Mid January to Mid March (In winter season) :– Mix Triphala Churna with one sixth (1/6) amount of Long pepper powder (Piper longum,

  • Can power yoga help us for weight loss?

    Power yoga is considered to be one of the best workout for weight loss because of the fact that it combines the body structure benefit of yoga as well as the high physical energy that is required to burn the excess calories in the body. Just like any form of yoga though, hatha yoga for

  • Relaxation with yoga pilates

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