Yagya is a scientific method aimed at the finest utilization of the subtle properties of sacrifised matter with the help of the thermal energy of fire and the sonic vibrations of the mantras. In the process of yagya, herbal and plant medicinal sacrifices are made in the fire of specific type of wood in especially designed fire-pit or brick and clay structure called (yagya) Kunda. Slow combustion, sublimation, and most prominently, the transformation into vapor phase of the sacrifised herbal and plant medicinal and nutritious substances takes place in the yagya-fire.

Inhalation therapy and environmental purification are paramount applications of yagya apart from its enormous sublime impact and auspicious spiritual effects cited with reverence in the Shastric Literature.

Usually the internal structure of the fire-pit is that of an inverted pyramid, which amounts to controlled variation of temperature and optimal dissipation of energy. The shapes are selected according to the type and purpose of yagya. The size depends upon how many people are supposed to perform yagya simultaneously for how long, and how big an area is to be covered, and for what application, etc?

Benefits of yagyapathy

» Direct reach to each part of the body.
» Painless, risk less, harmonious effects.
» Excellent remedy for psychosomatic disorders.
» Treatment of Neurosis, psychosis, schizophrenia, Depression , Melancholia, Hysteria.