Yogic Kriyas are cleansing techniques used to purify the body and mind which ultimately open the different pathways of the body, the nadis, the pranic body, the mind, and the heart. Kriyas are more popularly called Shat Karmas.

We are very proud of our external cleaniness, but don’t care of internal cleaniness and we always carry a lots toxins in our body. After sometimes these toxins become different chronic diseases. Every day are rotting from inside, as evidenced by horrible smell from their mouths, grey skin color, and deep wrinkles.

Yogic Kriyas are cleansing techniques that cleanse various internal organs of the body. They are also called shatkriyas or shatkarma because they are six in number, commonly known as Neti, Dhauti,Basti, Trataka, Nauli and Kapalbhati.